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War Between the States

War Between the States B&W Drawings





About Henry E. Kidd

Born in 1950 in Petersburg, Virginia, Henry Kidd is a lifelong resident of Colonial Heights. He grew up playing on the battlefields surrounding Petersburg and has studied the war and its’ people extensively. He has a great passion for this period of American history. To him, it is more than mere history, it is family pride. Many of his ancestors followed General Robert E. Lee into battle. Henry is a graduate of Virginia State University and served six years in the US Army Reserves as a Sergeant. He has worked nearly thirty years for Philip Morris USA.

Henry is a nationally recognized historical artist. His fine art has appeared in documentaries on the History Channel and on covers of many books and magazines. He designed the Confederate Medal of Honor. His artwork hangs in many prestigious institutions and museums such as West Point, Virginia Military Institute, Mariner’s Museum, Museum of the Confederacy, Petersburg National Battlefield, the Virginia Historical Society and others.

Henry is an authority on the war and a sought after lecturer. He has received many awards for his art including more than one best in show. However, the two awards he cherishes the most are the one he never expected to receive. During the Gulf War, he created a piece of artwork to honor and support our fighting forces. He made and sold limited edition prints of his work and gave one-hundred percent of the proceeds to the American Red Cross for the families of military personnel. In recognition of his generosity, Elizabeth Dole, then president of the American Red Cross, presented him with an award. Henry and his family were also personally thanked by General Schwarzkopf.

The second cherished recognition was a Joint House and Senate Resolution by the Virginia General Assembly. They recognized Henry for his artwork and efforts aiding September 11th victims. After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, Henry created a memorial piece of artwork entitled ‘America’s Heroes’ and raised thousands of dollars for relief efforts. He founded Adopt-A-Station, a non-profit organization to honor victims of September 11th. He has also personally presented more than three hundred framed ‘America’s Heroes’ prints to Fire Houses and Police Precincts in New York, Northern Virginia and Pennsylvania who responded to the tragedy. For these same reasons, Henry also received a National Citizenship Award from the Daughters of the American Revolution.

Henry is the Past Commander of both the Army of Northern Virginia and the Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Because of his accomplishments, Henry has become a respected public figure in Virginia and across the South. Countless times the news media has sought his opinion on many topics relating to the War Between the States and today’s society. He has appeared on both television and radio talk shows. For his efforts in reaching out to the community, especially the minority sector, to bring a greater understanding of why people honor their Confederate ancestors and to end prejudices against people with Confederate ancestry, Henry was invited to speak and participate at an international peace conference on race and social relations in Switzerland in 2002.

For many years, Henry has portrayed the men in his art and writings as a Civil War reenactor with the 12th Va. Inf. He says, the only way that he can capture the passion and emotional impact of these men, as well as this period in time, is to emulate them. At most reenactments, Henry portrays an enlisted man, however, he does portray General Lewis Armistead at the Gettysburg reenactments.

Henry has a strong desire to share his passion with the world. He loves to travel with his wife, Sharon and his son, Brian. Through his artwork, writings, lectures, and living histories, Henry strives to never let the men and women who sacrificed everything for this country be forgotten, whether they are from the War Between the States or today’s military.

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